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Come out, have some fun, and see if you can win an e-copy of Atonement or any one of my Degrees of Darkness series.

First chance is soon, like Sunday October 18 is the Crystal Clear Reviews and Services celebration. My time slot is 4 pm eastern 3 pm central.  Crystal Clear Reviews & Services

Next up is Sexy Scribblers for the Fall Into Romance blog hop.
November 15th-22nd











Then Right after that is The Romance Studio’s Thanksgiving Party, November 25th through Midnight EST November 29, 2015.


Degrees of Darkness Gets Bundled!

Yup, DoD gets put in a 4-in-1. And it’s slated to release on February 23, 2015. No links yet, so hang tight.

I’ve finally got a newsletter drafted and will be sending that out as soon as I have some vital info to put in. Eventually I’ll be putting in some goodies that you can only get in the newsletter. So head over to the Contact page and sign up. You don’t want to miss exciting content from some of your favorite characters.

One more thing, if you haven’t done so, please, leave a review on any one of my books in the Degrees of Darkness series. Nothing says you love an author more than leaving reviews.

Lots of Changes

Well, if you take a stroll around the website I’ve updated some things and added new pages. Go ahead, look. I’ll be here when you get back.

Ok, now that you’re back on to the news. I’ve completed my contracts with Crimson Romance and I’m in the process of writing a new book that is a darker romantic thriller with the heroine taking more of a role in this book. My agent and I are also submitting to a new house and when that all takes place I’ll let you know. I’m busy with a new job, new coaching position, and becoming a football mom–yay me!

As of right now, I don’t have anything really new to report on new books. Relentless is being released in a bundle with other Crimson Romance authors, you can find the links and such here:

Racing Hearts Bundle

Oh, I’m also putting together a newsletter that will have some goodies. So stay tune!


Tasty Book Tour for Revenge Dec 9-20

Here are all the stops. If you leave a comment you can enter for a chance to win a copy of Revenge for your own. Hurry!

Dec 9th- Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews– Spotlight ONLY http://literalhottiesnaughtybookreviews.blogspot.com/

Dec 10th- Danielle-Claude Indie Books Reviews http://danielle-claude.blogspot.co.uk/

Dec 11th- 3 Partners in Shopping– Spotlight ONLY http://3partnersinshopping.blogspot.com/

Dec 12th- Storm Goddess Book Reviews http://stormgoddessbookreviews.blogspot.com/

Dec 13th- Insightful Minds Reviews http://insightfulmindsreviews.com/

Dec 16th- Escaping Reality One Book at a Time http://brandyjellum.blogpost.com/

Dec 17th- Book Suburbia– Spotlight ONLY http://www.booksuburbia.com/

(Stop 2) Queen of All She Reads http://queenofallshereads.blogspot.com/

Dec 18th- Room with Books http://roomwithbooks.com/

Dec 19th- Fandom Fanatic http://fandomfanatic.blogspot.com/

Dec 20th- Renee Entress’s Blog http://reneeentress.blogspot.com/

Revenge is out, but its not the end!

So, moving to a new state, starting a few new jobs, deadlines for writing and editing have sort of taken me away from here for a bit. But don’t worry, I’m back, for now. 🙂

Revenge, book 3 of my Degrees of Darkness series released on November 11 after a huge Kindle Daily Deal run of Relentless. Color me totally excited about that whole thing. But it’s come to my attention that readers who are reviewing Revenge think it’s over. Book 3 is the end. Ummm, not quite. 🙂 See, Cody and Remy have one li’l, well maybe not little but huge, matter to attend to before they can move on to their Happily Ever After. Someone killed, murdered, tragically ended Cody’s mother’s life. And someone, other than Cody, is hiding a deadly secret.

There’s one more book to their story called RECKONING. Hopefully its not the last book in the DoD series since there are a few secondary characters setting up for stories of their own. Don’t give up yet, dear readers. Those two aren’t quite done with you yet.

Retribution Blog Tour Stops

9781440564468June is going to be uber-busy for the release of Retribution. I’m going to list all the stops here. Some of these you have a chance to win a copy of Retribution.

Here we go:

June 10-11 @ Just Romantic Suspense blog with a giveaway to commenters.

June 10 @ Book Lovin’ Mamas

June 13 @ Romance Bookworm

June 14 @ Crimson Romance Blog

June 18 @ The Write Way Cafe

June 20-21 @ Author Becky Flade

June 24-28 Retribution book tour with Tasty Book Tours, book giveaways and 3 lucky all tour commenters could win their choice of a $5 gift card from Amazon or B&N.

June 28 @ Romance Reader @ Heart-Novel Thoughts ([email protected]) with book giveaway.

Retribution Reviews

Wow. I mean wow! I’m getting some early reviews coming in of Retribution and I think I’m going to crack. Some background on this book. Retribution wasn’t a fully plotted book when I started writing it. All I knew was who the killer was and how it pertained to my hero, Remy. As the story progressed the plot became more and more complicated. And it showed in the editing process just how complicated it was–especially in setting up the plot for book 3. I HATED this book by the time I was through editing it. Then when the editors edits came through I had my work cut out, but as I progressed I began to fall in love with it again. The final product is so different from when I started, and it’s a way better book than when I started it.

I became a stronger writer because of Retribution. And apparently I’m not the only one who picked up on that:

“Thank you, Ms. Austin, for your powerful writing style that has made me one of your biggest fans. Your vivid writing style has captivated my heart. I was so into the story that when the end came, I was crushed but I know that the one that’s following will be even better.”–Cozyreader from The Romance Reviews

The Romance Review

You can read more of Cozyreader’s review of Retribution here: The Romance Reviews: Retribution

Here are two more quotes from Goodreads reviewers:

Ms. Austin has a complex story to tell – in full – while continuing the already established larger arc; a challenging relationship between Remy and Cody; and setting up the next book in the series. She does all of this in fine style, which I’m finding to be her norm.”–Becky Flade, author of Fated Souls

As usual Remy has more secrets than the CIA, and they’ve already taken people he loves. The secrets are pushing Cody away at a time when she needs Remy more than ever. Her descent into an alcoholic binge is particularly well done and doesn’t pull any punches.”–Rachel Smith

Not enough to convince you? Then pick up the book and read it.