Annually, Winter attends a Young Writer’s Conference to teach workshops for the age groups of 3rd grade to Seniors.

The workshops are revolving topics.

What If …? & Why?

Two Keys to Storybuilding in Fiction

Every story begins with an idea starting with the question “What If …?” followed by “Why?” Learn how to take both of these questions and create twists to the plot, making a good idea into a great story. Examples will be pulled from popular fiction such as The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series. Students may come prepared with a “What If?” scenario.

Will teach the students how to take a ‘What if …?’ idea and brainstorm it into a plot by using the question why. Show how this technique works in creating memorable characters. Will use examples from popular books as well as my own, to show how the authors took this premise and made it into a strong plot. Have the students come up with their own ‘What if?’ scenario and brainstorm these ideas into a story for their own.

Once Upon a Dark and Stormy Night

Great opening lines from some memorable novels and how to write them.

Show vs Tell,

How to do it Right

Taking tips from Understanding Show, Don’t Tell (And Really Getting it), by Janice Hardy, the workshop will touch on important points in learning when to use show and when to use tell.