The Killer in Me

What price is too great to stop a killing spree?

Elizabeth Benoit ran for sheriff to wipe out the corruption in the good old boys network of Eckardt County, but she has yet to break in her shoes when a stranger’s body is found in a ravine. With her ex back in town, a new deputy detective on the edge of losing control, and a crooked ex-sheriff out for revenge, Elizabeth’s resources are stretched thin. And then the second body drops.

Fearing a serial killer on the loose, Elizabeth launches an investigation that lays bare more than one family secret: The Kauffmann matriarch is full of advice, but her progeny have a mean streak that leaves a path of destruction in their wake. The Meyer patriarch has his own agenda, and the Kauffmanns have been a thorn in his ambition for too long.

Elizabeth and her deputies are about to face off against odds that are not in their favor. Only one source can tip the scales, but will she sell her soul for his help?

Publisher: Tule Mystery
Reviews:Robin Burcell wrote:

"Winter Austin's The Killer in Me is written with the authenticity of someone who lives in the Mid-West. Benoit and Dayne are fast company, so buckle up for a wild ride, all the way to the explosive ending." —Robin Burcell, NYT bestselling author of Wrath of Poseidon

Moira Wolf on wrote:

"Winter Austin is a first-rate suspense author, who uses skillful, twisty storytelling that will entertain readers to the very last page ... The twists as the story hits its climax are a slam dunk! Winter Austin's newest series has the potential to be ranked with Lisa Gardner and other best-selling authors." --InD'tale Magazine