Revenge is out, but its not the end!

So, moving to a new state, starting a few new jobs, deadlines for writing and editing have sort of taken me away from here for a bit. But don’t worry, I’m back, for now. 🙂

Revenge, book 3 of my Degrees of Darkness series released on November 11 after a huge Kindle Daily Deal run of Relentless. Color me totally excited about that whole thing. But it’s come to my attention that readers who are reviewing Revenge think it’s over. Book 3 is the end. Ummm, not quite. 🙂 See, Cody and Remy have one li’l, well maybe not little but huge, matter to attend to before they can move on to their Happily Ever After. Someone killed, murdered, tragically ended Cody’s mother’s life. And someone, other than Cody, is hiding a deadly secret.

There’s one more book to their story called RECKONING. Hopefully its not the last book in the DoD series since there are a few secondary characters setting up for stories of their own. Don’t give up yet, dear readers. Those two aren’t quite done with you yet.