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Wow. I mean wow! I’m getting some early reviews coming in of Retribution and I think I’m going to crack. Some background on this book. Retribution wasn’t a fully plotted book when I started writing it. All I knew was who the killer was and how it pertained to my hero, Remy. As the story progressed the plot became more and more complicated. And it showed in the editing process just how complicated it was–especially in setting up the plot for book 3. I HATED this book by the time I was through editing it. Then when the editors edits came through I had my work cut out, but as I progressed I began to fall in love with it again. The final product is so different from when I started, and it’s a way better book than when I started it.

I became a stronger writer because of Retribution. And apparently I’m not the only one who picked up on that:

“Thank you, Ms. Austin, for your powerful writing style that has made me one of your biggest fans. Your vivid writing style has captivated my heart. I was so into the story that when the end came, I was crushed but I know that the one that’s following will be even better.”–Cozyreader from The Romance Reviews

The Romance Review

You can read more of Cozyreader’s review of Retribution here: The Romance Reviews: Retribution

Here are two more quotes from Goodreads reviewers:

Ms. Austin has a complex story to tell ā€“ in full ā€“ while continuing the already established larger arc; a challenging relationship between Remy and Cody; and setting up the next book in the series. She does all of this in fine style, which Iā€™m finding to be her norm.”–Becky Flade, author of Fated Souls

As usual Remy has more secrets than the CIA, and they’ve already taken people he loves. The secrets are pushing Cody away at a time when she needs Remy more than ever. Her descent into an alcoholic binge is particularly well done and doesn’t pull any punches.”–Rachel Smith

Not enough to convince you? Then pick up the book and read it.

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